Manolr QWK compatible offline reader

Many of you might remember Bulletin Board Systems (BBS); these were systems where users could log in and perform various social and recreational tasks. Among these activities, users were exchanging messages in a similar way as it's done through today's forums but due to the expensive call rates, a format was implemented to enable users read and respond to articles while offline. The QWK format, developed by Mark "Sparky" Herring in 1987, was the solution to this problem and manolr is yet another program to support this format.

More specifically, manolr is written in C and linked against ncurses/menu libraries. It supports database facilities, SMTP forward and advanced sorting. Its functionality was tested under various Linux flavours and it should work under any POSIX-compliant operating system which supports ncurses.

Latest version: 0.4-rc1 (Released on 2006-04-30). Download! Experimental ebuild script for Gentoo